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Podcast Alert: The Coffee & Cranks Podcast

Podcast Alert: The Coffee & Cranks Podcast


There are not a lot of (quality) cycling related Podcasts out there yet. Over the last year, we’ve found a few that the Bike Tech team subscribes to including The Path Less Pedaled and The Pedalshift Project but we were looking for more. Then, along came The Coffee & Cranks Podcast. The host traveled to Macon a few weeks ago to join many of our friends on the 3rd Annual Macon Dirty Dozen Hill Climb ride. He recaps that ride and interviews Rachel Hollar, Executive Director of Bike Walk Macon in Episode 3. How about that, Macon?!?

Take some time on a drive (or a ride) to subscribe and listen!

I can confidently say this, you do not need to be a cycling expert to enjoy this Podcast! In fact, I would encourage any of you looking to find more time in the saddle to check it out. From the host “There are cycling podcasts that recap UCI WorldTour professional racing events and review the latest high-dollar cycling products on the market, and I personally find those interesting and frequently listen to them, but for the average cyclist – the college student commuting on a single-speed with some Thickslick tires, the mountain biker, the casual group rider, the Strava KOM/QOM hunter, the gran fondo or amateur racer, or the indoor exercise bike rider on a Peloton or an Echelon – a relatable cycling podcast didn’t exist until now.”

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