We love seeing people excited about getting on a new bike! However, we also talk with a lot of folks who are nervous about “riding on the road” and that is a valid concern. Riding on the road is dangerous, our laws state that we are vehicles and are required to ride with traffic, instead of against it. All that said, with proper preparation and self education, road cycling can be an outlet for stress, a fun way to exercise and even a way to compete with friends.

According to Outside Magazine, here are the Top 10 Tips for New Road Cyclists. For more information on cycling safety and state laws, keep up with Georgia Bikes! and our local voice for better cycling in central Georgia, Bike Walk Macon.

If you are interested in getting started riding and don’t want to do it by yourself, visit our list of local rides on our website. Jennifer Cain hosts Beginner Bike Rides for Women weekly as a way to help answer questions, reduce concerns and get more ladies on the road! Have more questions, stop by and talk with us, we’re happy to help!