As many of you know, Bike Tech has been a Jamis dealer for a few years now. We stay up-to-date with their product line and are always excited about what they put out. We’ve recently been very impressed with the new Portal A1+ and A2 models and keep the A2 in stock.

There have been a lot of reviews on this new 3VO Suspension platform for Jamis to-date, including an article and demo from shop favorite, Read an excerpt below…

“…The Portal is built around a unique suspension configuration from Speedgoat Design’s Chris Currie called 3VO (three variable optimized). Chris first designed the system in 2007, and was granted a patent in 2010. Back then, most mountain bikes were still running double chainrings, and the unusual linkage made fitting a front derailleur a challenge. Fast forward to 2018, and Jamis licensed the tech for their Portal trail bike and Hardline enduro.

The Jamis website does a pretty good job explaining how 3VO is supposed to work and does a convincing job laying out its advantages… Most suspension designs create an instant center that’s located in front of the bottom bracket, while in a 3VO, the instant center moves from the bottom bracket rearward and along the chainline through the travel. The upshot is the suspension remains active under both braking and acceleration, and suspension tune and sag isn’t as important as it is under other designs.

Another unique characteristic of 3VO suspension is the axle path moves rearward through the first part of its travel, then forward. This is said to provide excellent small bump sensitivity and minimal chain growth, which when not properly managed, can cause pedal kickback.

Up front, Jamis specs a 130mm RockShox Revelation RC fork, which isn’t a cheap fork by any means. The mostly Shimano SLX, 11-speed drivetrain may offer one less gear than the latest systems, but paired with the 32-tooth Race Face Ride crankset, it’s a good choice for most trails. The two-piston Shimano MT500 brakes aren’t the most powerful, but they’re generally very consistent and reliable….

Bottom line

I would have liked to have tested the Portal more to get a better feel for the bike, but even more so because it was so much fun to ride. Judging by the bike’s heavy weight, steep angles, and fairly bland looks, the Jamis Portal doesn’t offer the same excitement as other trail bikes. I certainly figured the bike would offer an average ride at best, but came away impressed with how well it rides both up and down the mountain. It’s probably the best sub-$3,000 full suspension bike I’ve ridden in a while, and has me rethinking how an inexpensive bike can and should feel.”

Read the full review here.

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Want to learn more about the Jamis Portal A2 or check on out in person? Swing by the shop! Also, stay tuned for additional models and builds to come out soon based around this platform!