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How & Why? Commuting by Bicycle

How & Why? Commuting by Bicycle


In honor of National Bike Month (and locally Bike Walk Macon Month), I thought I’d share some insight into how and why you should consider riding your bike to work or school sometime. I understand this isn’t practical for everyone – depending on where you live, where you work, what time you go to work, etc. But for the rest of you, you may be surprised at how easy (and fun) it can be!

I’ll start by sharing an article James Hart published in Bicycling Magazine – I Tried Bike Commuting Every Day For a Week, and This Is What Happened. Like so many of us, James is not a stranger to commuting by bike, he’s done it many times, just never consistently for a week. I won’t spoil the results for you, but will share this, taking things into consideration like diet, preparedness and gear has a whole new meaning when using your bike to get from point A to point B and not just for exercise.

After reading his article, you may be interested in some gear suggestions. There will be links to products below the team at Bike Tech uses…

Let’s say you interest is peaked. Maybe you want to try this sometime. Want my honest opinion? You already have what you need to try! You have a bike, right? What about a backpack? Helmet? Front and rear lights? Lock? See what I mean…

Maybe they aren’t perfect, but before you go and commit yourself to this, even on a once a week schedule, use what you have and figure out what you need and then buy accordingly. Below is a link to an article published in Outside Magazine with their suggestions of what to use to get to work by bike. We’ve added some of our own local suggestions as well.

How to Get Started Bike Commuting via Outside Magazine

Bike Tech Team Picks:

Muc-Off Foam Fresh – perfect for cleaning your helmet and other soft goods. In stock @ the shop
JANDD Laptop Pannier w/ Raincover – best laptop bag I’ve found so far. Easily ordered for you @ Bike Tech – no shipping costs
Specialized Chamonix or Duet Helmet – outstanding value and comfort. In stock @ the shop
Cateye Rapid X2 KINETIC Rear Light – USB rechargeable, up to a 30 hour run time and automatically turns on High when it detects deceleration. A true brake light for a bike! In stock @ the shop.
A Bell – really, any bell will work, and there are some really cool ones out there too!

So, is your interest peaked yet? Want to ride with a group to try this crazy concept? Join us one morning when we leave from the shop to attend Bike Walk Macon’s Commuter Breakfast one month. Keep an eye on our calendar/Facebook page for more details and then send us a message (Facebook, email, call the shop) and let us know to expect you. We’d love to show you some of our favorite routes downtown!

Hope to see you headed to work soon, on your bike!