Something big is coming Summer 2021

Bike Radar’s Bike of the Year: Specialized Roubaix

Bike Radar’s Bike of the Year: Specialized Roubaix


I have this feeling that as much as I write about the new Specialized Roubaix, my words will never do it justice. Bike Radar’s article does a great job, but they are experts (I am not!). So here is my suggestion, ride one! Since bringing Specialized back to Bike Tech, we’ve truly noticed they are an innovative company, and this bike is no exception. The Roubaix has ground breaking features we have yet to see in a road bike and according to Bike Radar “theres nothing out there at the moment that touches the Specialized Roubaix.”

So, after researching this new bike, are you convinced? Interested? Intrigued?

Good! Want to ride one? Even better! We have a demo in-house (54cm) ready for you to test ride. Want to take it out for a Tuesday/Thursday Worlds? No problem. Just bring your pedals!